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 http://www.lawsource.com/also/usa.cgi?usi&nc         "TO  BE  RATHER  THAN  TO  SEEM"

North Carolina, in the warm temperate zone, has a generally mild climate, with abundant and well distributed rainfall. The state's congenial climate, its many miles of beaches, and its beautiful mountains attract large numbers of visitors and vacationers each year. Chief among the tourist attractions are the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, the Cape Lookout National Seashore, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Great Smoky Mts. National Park. Wildlife abounds in national forests (the state has four) and in the Dismal Swamp. Places of historic interest include Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, on Roanoke Island; the Wright Brothers National Memorial, at Kitty Hawk; Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, at Flatrock; and Guilford Courthouse and Moores Creek national military parks.

North Carolina leads the nation in the production of tobacco and is a major producer of textiles and furniture. It grows 40% of all U.S. tobacco, but the continuing trend is toward diversification. Broilers, hogs, turkeys, greenhouse products, sweet potatoes, corn, soybeans, peanuts, and eggs are important. Plentiful forests supply the thriving furniture and lumber industries. The state has long been a major textile manufacturer, producing cotton, synthetic, and silk goods as well as various kinds of knit items. Other leading manufactures are electrical machinery, computers, and chemicals; the Research Triangle complex near Chapel Hill has spurred high-tech manufacturing, as well as bringing federal jobs into the state. The state also has mineral resources: It leads the nation in the production of feldspar, mica, and lithium materials and produces substantial quantities of olivine, crushed granite, talc, clays, and phosphate rock. There are valuable coastal fisheries, with shrimp, menhaden, and crabs the principal catches. Charlotte developed in the 1980s into a major U.S. banking center, and related businesses have flourished. T hearea.  For more information please click on the links below.  North Carolina is a state in the southeastern United States. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (east), South Carolina and Georgia (south), Tennessee (west), and Virginia (north).

Area, 52,586 sq mi (136,198 sq km).
Pop. (2000) 8,049,313, a 21.4% increase since the 1990 census.
Capital, Raleigh.
Largest city, Charlotte. 
Motto, Esse Quam Videri [To Be Rather than to Seem].
State bird, cardinal.
State flower, dogwood.
State tree, pine.

 *Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, Copyright (c) 2003.

NC Colleges & Universities:

http://www.unc.edu  University of NC
http://www.wfu.edu/  Wake Forest University
http://www.ecu.edu/   East Carolina
http://www.uncg.edu/  UNC Greensboro
http://www.uncc.edu/   UNC Charlotte
http://www.uncw.edu/  UNC Wilmington
http://www.meredith.edu/  Meredith College
http://www.peace.edu/   Peace College
http://www.appstate.edu/  Appliachian State
http://www.wcu.edu. Western Caroilina University
http://www.sandhills.edu  Sandhills Community College
http://www.guilford.edu/  Guilford College
http://www.gborocollege.edu/   Greensboro College
http://www.highpoint.edu/  High Point University
http://www.lrc.edu/  Lenior Rhyne College
http://www.louisburg.edu/   Louisburg College
http://www.mhc.edu/   Mars Hill College
http://www.montreat.edu/   Montreat College
http://www.pfeiffer.edu/   Pfeiffer University
http://www.sapc.edu/   St. Andrews College
http://www.shawuniversity.edu/   Shaw University
http://www.salem.edu/  Salem College
http://www.st-aug.edu/  St. Augustine College
http://www.uncp.edu/   UNC Pembroke
http://www.wingate.edu/   Wingate University
http://www.wssu.edu/wssu  Winston Salem State University
http://www.duke.edu/   Duke University

North Carolina Links:

http://www.agr.state.nc.us/     NC Dept. of Agriculture

http://www.ncdot.org/DMV/     NC Dept. of Motor Vehicles

http://www.dor.state.nc.us/     NC Dept. of Revenue

http://www.ncesc.com/   NC Employment Security

http://www.ncgov.com/    NC Government

http://www.governor.state.nc.us/    NC Office of the Governor

http://www.osp.state.nc.us/jobs/   NC State Government Jobs        

http://www.visitnc.com/  NC Travel Website

http://www.va.gov/midatlantic/facilities/fayetteville.asp    VA Hospital Fayetteville,NC

http://www.va.gov/midatlantic/facilities/durham.asp   VA Hopsital Durham NC

http://www4.medicare.gov/   Medicare Website

http://webapps.ama-assn.org/doctorfinder/home.html     Physician Select Website


NC Places to Visit:

www.memorialauditorium.com     Raleigh, NC

 www.crowncoliseum.com    Fayetteville NC

http://ncmuseumofhistory.org/    Museum of History, Raleigh NC
http://www.ncpost23.org/MilitaryMuseum1.htm     American Military Museum of Gastonia
http://www.aacc-charlotte.org/     Afro-American Cultural Center
http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/hs/bentonvi/bentonvi.htm      Bentonville Battleground
http://www.nps.gov/caha/index.htm      Cape Hatteras Park Service
http://www.carolinasaviation.org/      Carolinas Aviation Museum
http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/hs/fisher/fisher.htm     Fort Fisher Historic Site
http://www.ils.unc.edu/parkproject/visit/foma/home.html      Fort Macon State Park
http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/hs/horsesho/horsesho.htm     House in the Horse Shoe 

http://www.perigee.net/~mwaxhaw/     Andrew Jackson Memorial
http://nationalrrmuseum.tripod.com/      National Railroad Museum
http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/maritime/default.htm      NC Maritime Museum
http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/hs/capitol/default.htm      NC State Capitol Building
http://www.nctrans.org/       NC Transportation Museum
http://www.ncpotterycenter.com/      NC Pottery Center
http://www.carolinalights.com/      NC Lighthouses
http://www.oldsalem.org/       Old Salem NC
http://www.nps.gov/wrbr/index.htm      Wright Brothers Museum
http://www.wilmingtonrailroadmuseum.org/      Wilmington Railroad Museum
http://www.tryonpalace.org/       Tryon Place, New Bern NC
http://www.wnchistory.org/museum/index.htm       Smith-McDowell House
http://www.smokymountaintrains.com/      Smoky Mountain Trains
http://www.raleighcitymuseum.org/       Raleigh City Museum
http://www.museumofthealbemarle.com/       Museum of History Albemarele NC
http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/maritime/branches/southport_default.htm                                                                                                                                           Maritime Museum, Southport NC
      JFK Special War Time Museum

http://www.fortbranchcivilwarsite.com/       Fort Branch Civil War Site


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